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As most writers know, the site is cracking down harder on the stories and many people have had their stories deleted. So, as a precaution, I'm uploading my stories here as well. Because I rather be safe then sorry!
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gLee: chapter 12 - Reply to Anon. Reviews

"i vote for naruto and hinata

by: aaaa

THANKS! I will remember that! Hope you enjoy the update!

"Huh, I thought I already reviewed for this chapter, guess not. But anywho, another wonderful chapter lil.ramen I really love Hinata and Shikamaru's friendship. I couldn't get rid of the stupid grin on my face. I was practically fan-girl 'awww-ing' throughout that whole section (okay, that's an exaggeration. I'm not that much of a ShikaHina fangirl, but I really couldn't get the grin off my face...and I might have squealed once or twice ^^) But, my vote will always lie for Shikamaru, so that's who I vote for. I can tell that the plot is going to start to thicken. I'm also still curious about Sasuke. Looking forward to next chapter^^"

by: curry b4 rice

I'm glad you enjoy Shikamaru with Hinata pairing because I'm a huge fan of him too. I think there's tons of potential in that pairing that is generally unexplored. I mean Sasuke and Hinata have a larger following even though they have never talked to each other where as Shikamaru & Hinata have (as you showed me) and there are plenty of opportunities for them to communicate. I wanted to include some fluffiness between them because 1) it makes my heart melt and 2) I want people to enjoy the pairing and want more (which might lead to more fanfics between them because there is not enough~!)

People are curious about Sasuke but there's plenty to be curious about because the plot is thickening (slowly...)!

"Nicely done ! Keep updating! Luvin the story!"

by: CartoonistGirl6

Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying. Please keep reviewing!

Thank you both for taking the time to write a review or comment! It meant a lot to me and I hope you continue to read 'gLee'.
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NaNoWriMo - What is it?

This is a term almost every writer has come across - NaNoWriMo. Also known as the National Novel Writing Month.

I want to participate this year but I still don't understand a few things. For example, I write a story that turns out better then expected and I decide I want to publish it officially. Is that possible or am I not allowed to because I wrote that story in the NaNoWriMo?

I basically want to know if I can publish the story official after writing it in the NaNoWriMo...So, can I?
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Chapter 8: Reply to Anom. Reviews

" Even though I dislike the tv series, this story seems interesting. Though, it saddens me to realise that what made the Naruto in the manga was a village that hated his guts. Since there are no glares and the like, this Naruto is kind of an **. Not that i completely hate him.

And will Sakura always be like this? I am kinda getting tiered of ppl portraying her as a ** even though I don't like her.

I think i know who the fiance is though i'm hoping i'm not right. :P

I'll be keeping my eye on this story. Will be waiting for the next chapter. :)

One question though. Is high school in america really like this?"

By Yashi14

The experiences of manga Naruto and gLee's Naruto are completely different. To say that if Naruto grew up in the village loved, he would have turned out they way I wrote him in gLee would be highly inaccurate. There is a history that causes Naruto to act the way he does.

Chances are if you asked me 2 years ago, whether or not Sakura would be a complete bitch all the way through the story, I would have said yes because I hate her. But, it's different now. Frankly, I still dislike her character but I'm molding her differently. Like Naruto, she has her own reasons for being the way she is.

If I write it properly, each character will grow if not all.

As for high school in America, I frankly wouldn't know. I am from Canada and while there are still cliches, the lines are more blurred then clear cut in this story. I based this environment off of television and movies. Also, it works best with my own plot. So, it's also a bit of creative liberties.

"I love that Chouji plays bass! (the show K-on got me hooked) I'm looking forward to hearing more about his past. I cracked up when Anko was the cheerleading coach. I hope to see more of Hinata in the next chapter, although I am aware that this chapter was to install the mood and move the plot forward.

My vote is still for Shikamaru. Their interactions are so great. I am all for alternate endings as long as they are all well-written. Not that I'm bashing your writing (i would never because this story is absolutely fabulous) but with some alternate endings, one is like really good and then the others are kind of lacking. I hope you get what I'm saying. But I'm all for it and I think the story will turn out marvelous. ^^"

By curry b4 rice

When I was writing chouji's POV, I actually was tearing up. Every character has a history that has left a scar on them. Chouji's scar though is the most obvious. But, I admire his character. His attitude through it. Anko was my second choice for cheer coach for some reason. But she was obviously the correct one if I can't remember my first choice. LOL. Hinata's there a bit in this upcoming chapter. Probably not as much as you'd like. I'll make sure write the alternate endings properly if I do it. I completely understanding what you are saying. I'm glad you like the shikahina interactions. those scenes are some of my favourite to write and seem to flow through my fingers.

"Sorry (this isn't a review) but I thought that I should just let you know that episode 220 of the anime is the first episode where Shikamaru and Hinata are seen by themselves talking [albeit about Naruto]. Just thought that I should let you know because I know that you're a ShikaHina fan and they are never seen together in the anime unless it's a group mission ^^"

By curry b4 rice

Thanks for the updating. The scene was a bit of a let down though. Shikamaru was just listening while Hinata was taking. She wasn't even facing him!!! Honestly, when I first read this review, I was so sleep deprived, I thought you were criticizing my love for that pairing. LOL - sorry about that.

Thank you both for taking the time to write a review or comment! It meant a lot to me and I hope you continue to read 'gLee'.
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The Problem with an OC


Original Character.

The problem with writing an OC into a fanfiction story is that it's a double edge sword.

There are some good things when create a new spanking new character, such as the fact that nobody can really criticize you for writing them OOC - "out of character" because it's your OWN character (Unless you really suck at writing). They can be the voice for the author in the story, think/say/do what the writer would have done themselves. Sometimes, it's nice to be able to have someone in the story punch Sakura hard in the head whenever she does that to Sakura. Or yell at Sasuke that he is a selfish emo child-bastard. Or tell Naruto that Hinata has loved him for YEARS! An OC can do this easily without standing out because the canon characters in the series do not do that.

But personally, the downsides of writing an OC is too large for me to ever consider writing one.

The biggest is that they can be forgottable - especially if you write too many into the story. For fanatics like myself, I read TONS of stories (mostly because I'm always searching for that awe-inspiring story that I may have missed), so I have a lot of Story Alerts. I roughly remember the plot after a quick refresh of the last chapter, but there are very few stories where I remember every detail and I'm always waiting for the day that they update (btw,NONE of them have an OC as a main role [if any]). Chances are, unless the story is being updated every day or is amazing, I'm going to forget EVERYTHING about your OC. I'll forget the name, I'll forget the personality, I'll forget their history! Then, I'll have to try and go back and re-read some chapters to see what the hell this OC is. I won't like that. I hate re-reading a fanfic unless it's amazing then I'll re-read it. Chances are, I'll get fed up and take your story off my story alerts, and wondering if I was high when I added it there.

It's nothing personal. I just have a lot of stories on Alert and frankly, if I have to always go back because I'm forgetting your OC, who is probably key to the story, I'll get annoyed.

Another thing dangerous about writing an OC is that they can turn out like a horrible cliche archetype. In Naruto fanfics, the OC is either someone who is all-powerful and helps Naruto on his quest, is someone like Naruto and inspires people around them to change for the better or is someone who is there purely for humor/crack reasons. They generally get boring fast (at least to me). Sometimes, it's not because they are written badly, but they are all the SAME!!

Also, they have roughly the same plotline! The person is either a friend or relative who is supportive of Naruto's quest. Or someone who is all-powerful who trains Naruto. Or a love interest for Naruto. It's the same thing even if Naruto is not the main character in the story. They fit the same archetype and then the same basic storyline. It's like you read one, you've read them all.

Don't misunderstand me, there are some really great stories with original characters in them but in general, I am not a fan.
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"Catch 22" on Hiatus

Writer's Block.

The two most aggravating, feared words to those who use words to design worlds and characters: writers.

I hate writer's block. Where every scenario that you come up with is horribly cliche because your mind has been forced to come up with it instead of allowing inspiration to naturally create. It can easily make me depressed.

And I have it.

Just for one of my stories thankfully not all of them (thankfully, otherwise I fear that I would flood my room with my tears). But for the moment, I have no option but to put that story on hold.

So starting today, "Catch 22" is officially on hiatus.
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Where do I even begin?! Who else was in love with this season's sectionals?

What a twist! When they said that Emma's romance with Carl was heating up, I thought they were just going to have sex and she would lose her V... but She got HITCHED in a quickie Vegas wedding! That was the MAJOR curve ball of the episode. Poor Mr. Shue - he lost the woman he loves before he could even enjoy her. Partly, it was his fault because he did make out with Rach's mom and let April Rhodes sleep in the same bed with him and wasn't the most supportive of Emma's therapy. But, wow to Carl for coming out of nowhere and winning her love. I wonder how they are going to end that relationship because even though I'm a Wemma supporter (aren't most of us...?), I can't help but adore Carl. He is so supportive and patient with her OCD and he was completely cool with her being around Mr Shue (until Rocky Horror...) He is an amazing person for her. Which makes me hope they won't do a cliche cheating thing. I am not going to worry that hard though about because Glee does like to throw curve balls... (maybe illegal polygyny...unintentional of course, like his supposed dead wife is not really dead....?)

Props to Mr. Shue for finally yelling at his team for their terrible attitude though.

How adorable was Brittany and Artie together? Brittany is still such a cute airhead but we can see her vulnerable side too. That childlike innocence that she hasn't shown really before because we mainly saw her as Santana's BFF and sometimes more, an airhead cheerio and an easy lay. I feel bad saying it but that's what we saw before. But since her relationship with Artie started, we've been seeing more and more of Brittany's hidden childlike, sweetness. I can't get enough of her. I really love this pairing - way more then Artie and Tina.

Speaking of Tina, I found it sweet that she dressed up like a cheerleader because she thought Mike was cheating on her with Brittany. Even though you don't see a lot of the suspected cheating from Tina's POV (it's mainly Artie's), the moments you do see, you can also see her love for Mike. She was someone who hated changing herself for someone else, so her changing her outfits to fit Mike's suspected taste, is kind of sweet! Mike was so cute too when he accepted her apology for not believing in him. Asian Kiss *muah*. Though, come on guys! They have more in common then just being Asian. They are both shy and they both love dancing (remember "Dream a little dream"?) I think these guys have amazing potential - I love these two much more then Artie and Tina together! I think Tartie is better off as friends.


Sam and Quinn is adorable. Leave them be please. No drama for them please. There are after all some High School couples that STAY together!! Sam and Quinn FTW~!

I LOVED Santana's Solo - Valerie (was playing the whole day - thank goodness for YouTube...). Combined with Mike and Brittany's dancing - there's no way there should have been a tie. New Directions should have won full out (though we all understand the need for a tie...) because I don't know why but I really hated Hey Soul Sister from Blaine, Kurt and Co. (whoops - Warblers, right?) I preferred Teenage Dream much more. And what's up with Kurt not winning the solo for some stupid reasoning of he shouldn't try to stand out. Kurt was BORN to stand out, he's too amazing to just be in the crowd.

I love the relationship with Kurt and Rachel - finally by the way because I always thought that those two would be BFFs. But I love how when Kurt asks why she's being so nice to him only now, she's like because you were my only competition. LMAO - that's soo Rachel! The moments between those two made my heart warm! I can't wait for more between them. Even when they sing together, I get goosebumps every. single. time. It was so sweet how both of them cheered and smiled for the other when they were on stage.

Rachel - what was up with that! I didn't think you'd be so petty to cheat (technically, it was only making out... though it was with Noah - who knocked up Finn's ex-gf...which is why I'm leaning more towards Finn on this case) I can understand though because as strong as Rachel pretends to be, in that school, with that much teasing at her expense, she is very sensitive. She must be feeling very vulnerable whenever Finn even looks at another girl which causes her to super clingy.

My professor mentioned that whenever you're in love, your limitations become painfully obvious. I really agree with him - Rachel reminds me of this.

But good job picking Noah to make out with. Even if that made things ten times worse with Finn, at least it was Noah. What can I say? I love puckleberry! But I saw this coming because in Furt - they had a little foreshadowing when Finn mentioned Finchel and then Puckleberry right after. There were so many other names that he could have said, but he said Puckleberry. I found Noah adorable in this episode. They were soo cute together. Like when Santana said that nobody likes you to Rachel but Noah was like "that's not true. I like her." I squeal so hard! Frankly, I hope Finn hocks up with Santana. I think Santana needs to know that she should be treated like the leading lady not the other woman. Plus, that way Noah and Rachel can get together !! Win-win people!

Loved the songs! Though I didn't like Hey Soul Sister, I loved the others. Valerie was on constantly repeat as well as Dog Days are Over. Don't Cry for me Argentina was classic too - but then I do love any duet between Divas - Rachel and Kurt. It was a cute selection. Props to the Magical Trio (Brennan, Murphy and Falchuk) for understanding that Mr. Shue was being predictable and throwing together an amazing Sectionals performance. It felt like I was seeing those guys brand new!

I can't wait for the Christmas episode. They have a special sneak peak of two songs. SPOILER: One is Rachel singing "Merry Christmas, Darling" - sad song fitting seeing as Finn broke up with her. But the other was Kurt and Blaine singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - gotta say, I felt some energy between the two of them...made me blush a little...

QUICK SHOUT OUT! They are holding auditions for a position in Glee season three. Check out people!! Open auditions in Chicago and Dallas for 18+ people. Sounds like this will be aired on tv!

So all in all, I loved the episode. It was a great way to end off part one of season two. Though, I'm still sad Kurt hasn't come back - he's cute with Blaine.

It's going to be a long wait for part two of season two...
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The Butterfly Effect

I have a small pet peeve.

I read all these NaruHina stories where it's an alternative reality - because Naruto gains some super awesome power. But the story line doesn't chance - he goes through the same troubles he did in the manga, in the same way. Nothing Changes...

It's called the Butterfly Effect people.

Basically, the small changes in the beginning will have drastic changes later on. (Watch the psychological thriller starring Ashton Kutcher - it's a good explanation).

So, Naruto gaining a power he didn't have before SHOULD change the results of the troubles he goes through. Some stories that I have read have either change nothing or change way TOO much.

A good story that I read that has just enough change in steps, is called "Naruto's True Nindo." by Kyuubi123. The initial change was just how Naruto viewed the Hokage seat and how his nindo changed because of that. As the story progressed, the changes increased in a realistic portrayal. Some of the changes were that Sasuke dies when battling Naruto at the Valley of the End and that Naruto loves Hinata instead of Sakura.

Can you imagine how different everything would have been if something was said or done differently. Imagine if Naruto didn't complain for the C ranked mission, or Kakashi didn't nominate his team for the Chunnin Exams or if at the beginning of it all, Itachi just killed Sasuke or Minato or Kushina never died? What if Kakashi told Sasuke, after hearing his likes/dislikes/hobbies and goals, that he sounds like a mini Itachi - all power hungry and stuff. What if Hinata sucked up the courage early on and told Naruto of her feelings.

The changes would be drastic and the plotline of Naruto would not be the same.

So for authors, to have an alternative reality and either change nothing (which annoys me more) or change too much (understandable - because it's hard to judge whether it's too much) can really irritate me.
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Hinata and her boys

I am a hard-cored Hinata fan. I don't really understand completely why I adore her but I have some theories.

One is that she is so innocent. Seriously, she's innocence personified or at least that's the way she's portrayed on the anime/manga. That innocence is so refreshingly new compared to the other female characters. I mean look at Ino and Sakura - loud, violent and fangirl. Then there's Tsunade - loud, violent, powerful drunkard. Tenten - tomboy obsessed with pointy things. Temari - violent and occasionally loud. But Hinata? She's all stutters, soft and shy.

She's a contradiction as well. Born to a famous clan and as their heiress, yet she's too soft to be a ninja despite being awesome at it. She's more likely to heal (her medical creams) then hurt. But her love for her family makes her do her best. Her character seemed designed to bring out the protectiveness feelings in other characters. Besides Neji and the Hyuuga clans, I haven't seen anyone hate her. Though that "protect-her" feelings can get sometimes annoying, because you never get to really see her in action. Also, her kick-ass moves are always against an opponent that makes it seems super weak.

She's the type of girl that's seems rare to come by. She's unique.

Which is why I guess my OTP is NaruHina. They are sooo cute together! They would be all I write about. I love them both, they both suffered so hard and I think they are perfect for one another.

But at the same time, I sort of hate reading NaruHina. They are written innocently sweet to the point it's sickening. And most authors of the pairing, write Naruto as some epic god of ninja while Hinata is this weak princess who cries all the time and needs to be rescued. And any stories with angst are always written with Hinata suffering due to Naruto's crush on Sakura. Either he's cheating on Hinata with Sakura or they are dating but he still loves Sakura or Hinata's left suffering while he is dating Sakura. Personally, I don't think Naruto is the type of guy to go out with a girl when he has feelings for another. I think he is the type to commit two hundred percent. And Sakura seems dedicated to the idea of being with Sasuke.

But I could hold on hope to NaruHina! Because there was no development in the anime or manga of either NaruHina OR NaruSaku. But then Hinata confessed and it lit a fire of hope underneath all NaruHina lovers. And Sakura (faked) confessed and was told off but Naruto. And we were overjoyed.

But then...nothing.

Naruto did NOTHING about Hinata's confession. There was no confrontation, no awkward's like he forgot and went simply into getting Sasuke back. I think because of that my hope died with each chapter.

But I love HInata too much not to read about her, but the men in her pairings changed.

I first started reading SasuHina stories. It come from a reviewer's suggestion of mine. She read a story of mine and liked the way I wrote Sasuke. She then suggested a SasuHina story. And I read and read and came across really well written SasuHina stories where Hinata was powerful! Plus, there were AU stories were so different then that of NaruHina stories (because there really aren't that many AU stories in that category) and because of that I LOVED reading them!

From Sasuke, I started reading Kakashi to Gaara to Shikamaru to Itachi. All with Hinata paired, and there are some really amazing stories where I love the Hinata that is portrayed (Message me if you want a recommendation).

To me, I think a couple should be equal in power. Now, I don't expect anyone really to match Naruto in power (dis-including the Uchiha clan members and those with the Rinnigan - but even then...) because he's got the Kyuubi and an amazing set of parents. But she should be able to hold her own. Which is why I love those stories where Hinata does get powerful because I think she has TONS of potential. Look at HER heritage - technically, she's got all the makings of strong shinobi.

My best friend told me that in the Naruto section of, the best stories she read were with the pairing SasuSaku. I've got nothing (anymore...) against that pairing. I've grown to love the characters (kind of...). But I still prefer reading Hinata over Sakura. There's nothing wrong with Sakura, but it's just that she's a fangirl (though she's grown out of that) and she's loud and violent (STILL!).

So, with that limited amount of choice - Hinata's my favourite female ninja.